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Product Review: Shark Navigator Model Nv356e

Considered one of the top 10 vacuum cleaners in the year 2021 with an overall rate of 4.3 points, the upright model from Shark really satisfied users in many aspects.


Easy to set up

With clear instruction enclosed, any user just spends less than 10 minutes assembling the machine. One regrettable mistake that should never be accompanied with this top rated vacuum cleaner is that the provided guide book, actually, is for another similar model (NV355 series). Some people said that they thought they missed two pieces of the machine, but they realised those were not needed after reading the guide paper.

Incredible performance

With powerful suction power, the NV356E model shows its stunning performance and effectiveness on both hardwood floors and carpets. The machine was tested in different areas of the house such as the welcoming carpet, which contains lots of debris and dirt, the result was still the same.

Moreover, The Best Vacuum Cleaner also works well with small areas or corners in the house thanks to its crevice tool. This part is equipped with a small-size hose, so that very useful for narrow spaces, especially those between or under the furniture. Pet owners also don’t have to worry about the fallen pet hair with the great performance of the tool.

Great design for all functions

The NV356E model is provided with three configurations that allow it to vacuum every part of the house, including setting position “I” for hardwood floors and position “II” for carpets. There are several indicators on the body of the machine showing which mode it is in. If there is any problem such as blockage in the brush, the red light will illuminate.

There are three useful tools in a machine: a brush for cleaning dust, another for pet hair and a crevice tool. These are attached to a wand or a handle, which allows users to adjust the length for moving more flexibly and reaching narrower spaces without bringing the whole machine around.

One more advantage of this model is its high capacity of the canister, up to 2.2 litres, nearly doubled compared to other shark navigator lift models. This means users don’t have to empty the box regularly.


Like any other machine, the NV356E also has some noticeable problems.

The most received complaint from consumers is that the machine wobbles too much, especially when being used on hardwood floors. This easily makes the machine tip over during its work.

One small mistake which was discovered in the design of the model is the lack of a mount for the pet brush. This causes inconvenience for users when they have to store this part separately.

Another disadvantage of this model is that it cannot navigate under low furniture. This ability may belong only to a robot vacuum, which is much smaller and designed for narrow spaces.


An NV356E model is sold at retail at the price of around $200. With a mid-range level price, customers can bring home a machine from a top vacuum cleaner brand that can clean most of the areas in the house, despite lacking several superior features belonging only to luxurious models.


For those who are used to using vacuum cleaners, especially frequent customers of Shark, the model NV356E is an unmissable machine that, according to the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews, it is at a reasonable price, can bring cleanliness to your house.


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