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All about the Romans

It was Ammianus' history which really aroused my interest in late antiquity.  It was like reading a thriller!   I suspect the attraction is how he describes the Roman Empire as it hangs upon the edge.  The army in the East has been defeated but in the West there is still hope.... but for how much longer?  It's frustrating that much of his work has been lost. 

Having read Ammianus, I enrolled for a Master's degree at the University of London and spent many happy hours reading and writing about Honorius, the Saxon Shore and the march of the Goths.  As I received my certificate in the autumn of 2003, I decided that becoming an author would keep me in touch with the Romans andwhat had effectively become a hobby.  Seventeen years later my first book is ready to be published.   There is much we don't know, but I hope my novel provides a realistic taste of what life might have been like in the later part of the fourth century.